Miles Ahead ..... Driving Lessons Birmingham

                 Great prices for your Driving Lessons.
                      Standard full 1 hour lesson @ £22
Students................................@ £20
10 hours
 (pre paid)    @ £20           = £200 
saving £20
20 hours (pre paid)    @ £19.50      = £390 
saving £39
30 hours (pre paid)    @ £19           = £570 
saving £90
40 hours (pre paid)    @ £18.50      = £740 
saving £140

Pass Plus:-  
The course consists of 3 lessons each lasting 2 hours  (3x2 hrs)  6 hours in total @ £25ph 
                                     = £150
The good news is there is no test at the end.
The discount you will get from participating insurance company's should easily cover and exceed the cost of this course. Get a normal insurance quote first, then ask what discount they will give you once you have completed the Pass Plus course, you will be amazed.

Once you are a pupil of Miles Ahead Driving Lessons 
you can get Free Lessons by introducing 
friends or relatives, once they have had 5 Driving lessons at the
standard lesson price you will then receive your 
Free Lesson as a thank you.

 " special offer to new pupils"  
The first 5 hours are £20 each 

To take up this special offer you will need to ask when arranging your Driving lessons and tell us where you heard about
Miles Ahead Driving Lessons Birmingham.
                                    (terms and conditions apply) 
                0781 7025 177 
                       0121 580 8476

or fill out your details on the Contact page
                           and we will then contact you.
                 we are based in Streetly, Birmingham.
               The best method of contact is via text message.
                     Your likely to get a quicker response.


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